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Su escuela: Childtime en Midlothian, VA

Childtime de Midlothian

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Abierto: L-V, 6:30 a. m.- 6:30 p. m.
Edades: 6 semanas - 12 años
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Ayuda para nuestra comunidad

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Como siempre, estamos orgullosos de ayudar a nuestra comunidad. Comenzamos ofreciendo un entorno saludable y seguro cuando su hijo está lejos de casa. Conozca cómo priorizamos el bienestar de sus hijos y de nuestro personal.


Bienvenido a nuestra escuela

Welcome to Childtime Learning Center on Alverser Drive in Midlothian, VA! My name is Leigh Mertins and I am the director. I have been working with children for over 25 years with the last 15 plus, in daycare management. I have an associate's degree in early childhood education and am working to finish my bachelor's degree.

We offer care for children six weeks to 12 years old through our Infant Care, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and School-Age programs. We also have a Flex Care Program for those days when you need extra help. Our devoted and skilled teachers offer quality child care along with our age-appropriate curricula. Our staff has 205 years of combined experience in child care!

¡En nuestra escuela, la seguridad es una prioridad principal! En la entrada, siempre pedimos la identificación de los visitantes y nuestras puertas cuentan con un sistema de seguridad que solo permite que ingresen al edificio quienes tienen autorización. Con la actual crisis de salud, los visitantes e invitados permanecen en el vestíbulo y se les toma la temperatura al llegar. ¡Continuamos con nuestras rigurosas rutinas de limpieza y lavado de manos para mantener un ambiente saludable para nuestras familias y personal!

Todos los miembros del personal están entrenados en RCP y primeros auxilios para garantizar que nuestros niños estén seguros durante todo el día.

Due to COVID we are now offering The Prep Lab, this will provide support to students and families that will be facing education changes and challenges. We will offer a flexible schedule and a full day option for school-agers.

WatchMeGrow is coming soon offering live-streaming video of your child's day, watch for more information to come.

We invite you to call us or stop by to schedule a tour of our wonderful Childtime Learning Center in Midlothian, VA.

A continuación lo que la gente tiene para decir

4.6 de 5 estrellas
LOVE this school - love the people and the way they love my child.
The teachers and director are always welcoming! They help my son make a smooth transition on mornings that he may be a little more clingy. My son is able to come home and tell me things he's learned that day. The homework exercises are great to help him adapt to Kindergarten next year. His social skills have also improved tremendously!
They love our kids like their own!
My daughter has been going to Childtime since she was 1.5 years old. They have always taken great care of her and everyone is very friendly and professional. She has learned so much since she started and I know she will be more than ready for Kindergarten when she moves up. She loves playing with other students and I'm happy that she gets outdoor time as well. I like the variety of activities and projects
she gets to work on.
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The center is very welcoming. Within a week, everyone knew my child's name. He loves the center and his vocabulary has improved greatly, which is a big deal since he has a speech delay.
I love this school. I always feel like my child is cared for - probably better than I could do myself. He's learned so much during his time at ChildTime and I know that whatever silly request or question I have, they will assist me and offer better solutions or ideas. It's been like having 12 moms help me raise my child during his most formative years. It really does take a village and I'm lucky that
I have that.
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Very positive staff, wonderful and incredibly dedicated, hard working director and assistant director, good people, the Toddler classroom teacher (Ms. Megan) was super organized, enthusiastic about his learning and was a fantastic communicator.
This is the only care center I have ever seen that actually feels like family. The director, Leigh, is FANTASTIC and so incredibly caring. Each of her staff members takes their kind lead from her wonderful example; they are all delightful. These are truly the people you want looking after your children.
We have been so lucky to find this school. Our child has grown tremendously. He has made great long lasting friendships.
I absolutely LOVE the teachers and director of Childtime in Midlothian (Alverser). They are so nurturing to my infant and truly feel like family. She's gaining so many skills while being in the infant classroom - from play time to learning English and Spanish. She's even learning sign language, thanks to the amazing teachers that she has. Early morning drop-offs are easy and comforting thanks to Ms.
Yolanda and afternoon pick-ups are so fun with Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Kim. I look forward to the pictures and updates posted throughout the day in the app and it makes me feel like I'm able to be a part of my little girl's day even though I'm at work. 5 stars for this daycare - I am so thankful we found them.
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Programas de Childtime

Conozca sobre los programas opcionales

Por una tarifa adicional, vaya más allá de las experiencias de aprendizaje en el aula con nuestra serie mejorada de programas de enriquecimiento divertidos e interactivos que exploran una variedad de actividades. Ofrecemos:


Fútbol, música, yoga, español, fonética, escritura y matemática avanzada

Tech + Tinker™

21st Century Learning Experiences

En nuestras aulas de preescolar y prekindergarten, su niño descubrirá oportunidades para desarrollar la creatividad, usar la mente y el cuerpo, colaborar con amigos y aprender cosas nuevas. Algunas mejoras en las aulas incluyen iPads con aplicaciones educativas, opciones de asientos flexibles para que los niños se puedan mover al mismo tiempo que aprenden y actividades STEM prácticas con robots para codificación temprana.

En nuestra aula para niños en edad escolar, su hijo encontrará un entorno educativo inmersivo que crea el lugar perfecto para mañanas y tardes productivas e interesantes, mientras los ayudamos a convertirse en pensadores, productores y hacedores. Algunas mejoras en esta aula incluye:

  • iPads con teclados y aplicaciones educativas
  • Robots para desafíos de codificación
  • Videojuegos aptos para niños Grow Fit que motivan la colaboración y el movimiento

Abra una ventana al día de su hijo.

WatchMeGrow: Free live streaming video to your computer or mobile device.

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Conozca nuestro personal

Leigh Mertins, directora

Educación: Título de Asociado en enseñanza en la primera infancia

Certificaciones: CPR/FA, MAT, ServeSafe

I have a passion for children and helping them to discover who they are and the endless possibilities life has to offer them. I focus on building a sense of community and family at my school and building relationships that last a life time.

Conozca nuestro personal

Kim Brown, Líder de equipo

Certificaciones: CPR/FA

I have been working with children of all ages for over 15 years. I have been a Lead Teacher for 11 years now. My passion is teaching the children about compassion and letting them know that no matter what, they are loved.

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