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Su escuela: Childtime en Kingwood, TX

Childtime de Kingwood

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Abierto: L-V, 6:00 a. m.- 6:30 p. m.
Edades: 6 semanas - 12 años
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Ayuda para nuestra comunidad

Como siempre, estamos orgullosos de ayudar a nuestra comunidad. Comenzamos ofreciendo un entorno saludable y seguro cuando su hijo está lejos de casa. Conozca cómo priorizamos el bienestar de sus hijos y de nuestro personal.

Además, lea cómo logramos que los estudiantes de escuela primaria sigan aprendiendo con The Prep Lab, a través de aprendizaje a distancia y experiencias de matemática y lectoescritura en el campamento de verano.

Bienvenido a nuestra escuela

Welcome to our Childtime educational daycare in Kingwood, TX. My name is Elizabeth and I am the director of this wonderful center. I have been working at Childtime for 19 years and I cannot imagine a job where children are not a part of my day.

My center, which offers Infant Care, Preschool programs and other early education options, is unique in many ways. We view each family as part of our own extended families and we want them to feel at home when they arrive each day.

Childtime is nestled in the living forest of Kingwood. Our center is surrounded by natural beauty which extends into our classrooms with our floor to ceiling windows. Our long-term staff adds to the assurance that this is the place you want your child to grow and learn. Curriculum is a part of your child's day and ours supports them by providing daily opportunities for learning and exploring through play and teacher-guided experiences.

I invite you to call or stop by to schedule a tour! I know that you will find everything you are looking for right here in the woods at our Childtime learning center in Kingwood, TX. We can't wait to meet you and your family.

A continuación lo que la gente tiene para decir

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We love the staff. They are the heart and soul of the school. They educate, but more importantly, they care for the children!
I had the opportunity to enroll my son in a school district provided pre-school this year. The price would have been lower but the ratio would be higher. He has been at Childtime since he was 8 weeks old and knows all of the teachers and is familiar with all of the classrooms. I feel he is receiving the best care and education available and feel the extra cost is well-worth paying. Everyone is
kind and friendly and they care about my family beyond just his school day. I love being able to monitor his class on video and enjoy the updates through Brightwheel.
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We've never been happier with a daycare provider than we are with ChildTime. It was hard leaving our daughter's other daycare when we moved, but it turned out to be nothing to worry about. The relationships we've developed with the staff have been very helpful. ChildTime is located right across from our daughter's school, which is a HUGE benefit as well. Miss Elizabeth and her staff have been like
an extended part of our family and we'll continue to send our daughter there until she ages out.
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Programas de Childtime

Conozca sobre los programas opcionales

Por una tarifa adicional, vaya más allá de las experiencias de aprendizaje en el aula con nuestra serie mejorada de programas de enriquecimiento divertidos e interactivos que exploran una variedad de actividades. Ofrecemos:


Fútbol, música, yoga, español, fonética, escritura y matemática avanzada

Abra una ventana al día de su hijo.

WatchMeGrow: reproducción gratuita en vivo en su computadora o dispositivo móvil.

Hable con el director para tener más detalles. 


Aprendiendo en casa

Aware, Care, & Share™

¿Se pregunta cómo puede mantener el aprendizaje de su hijo en casa? Ahora puede adaptar nuestro plan de estudios personalizado a ejercicios divertidos que pueden hacer juntos.


Conozca nuestro personal

Elizabeth Schmelter-Fink, directora

Educación: Child Development Associate and Business Degree

Certificaciones: CPR and First Aid, Director Certified

I have a passion for children and being a part of their growth and development. I take pride in having a strong partnership with the parents and teachers to ensure we are meeting all of our children's needs. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband, children and grandchild.

Conozca nuestro personal

JoDee Jetton, Directora asistente

Educación: Enseñanza en la primera infancia

Certificaciones: RCP y primeros auxilios

I have worked in early childhood education for over 30 years. I love our center and its natural setting. I feel that every child is an active and curious learner and I get great joy from supporting that process every day.

Conozca nuestro personal

Janie McMillan, Líder de equipo

Certificaciones: RCP y primeros auxilios

I have over 30 years of experience working with children in many different classrooms. I am also the cook and safety captain for the center. I have always enjoyed seeing the light bulb go off in the minds of children and to see how they learn.

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